What are  some of the organizations that you have worked with?

There are whole lot of them, ranging from ad-hoc protests to fund-raising galas for educational and social-justice groups.   The best way to see the breadth of our work is to click on the "PHOTO GALLERIES" button to see the galleries of photos and videos that we've shot.

How much exposure do photos get when you post them on your galleries?

Galleries get thousands to hundreds of thousands of views depending on the nature of the event. Since launch, the site has gathered   image views. PBP images have also appeared in numerous mainstream and alternative press channels and have been used by our client organizations for their own marketing, fundraising, and social media needs.

How do you decide whether to accept a request for ProBonoPhoto assistance?

The primary factors are whether the request is in line with our community service,  social-justice and environmental values and whether it fits in with the time we have available.  We prioritize organizations that are not well enough funded to be able to  pay for the work.

I'm a photographer/videographer and would like to donate my expertise through ProBonoPhoto.  How do I do that ?

The ProBonoPhoto affiliates are professionals or advanced amateurs.  If you're interested in joining us, contact Jack Owicki (see our CONTACT US page).  We would particularly like to  have some more videographers join us.

Do you work outside the San Francisco Bay Area?

The San Francisco Bay Area organization covers our local region. In 2021, we assisted a new Probonophoto-CLE affiliate get started in Cleveland, OH. If you have some compelling request for work outside the Bay Area or wish to start an affiliate organization in your area, contact us to talk about it.

What kinds of equipment to you use?

That very much depends the event and the photographer/videographer. Typically a fast mid-range zoom lens will suit for most purposes. Some photographers may choose to carry shorter or longer primes, but that is not required. For indoor events, the photographer would want a camera with high ISO capability, especially in circumstances where flash is not permitted.

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