Pro-Bono Photo grew out of the Bay Area Women's Marches (San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose) on 21 January 2017.   I managed the volunteer photographers and videographers for those marches.   Afterwards, a number of the volunteers told me that they would like to continue to donate their services to good causes, and they asked me to keep them informed of opportunities.

For some months I had been running Pro-Bono Photo as a one-person operation, but  on 1 February 2017  I repurposed it as a clearinghouse to match social- and environmental-justice causes with volunteer  photographers and videographers.  As I write this in mid-July 2017, 28 photographers and videographers are affiliated with Pro-Bono Photo.  We have covered about 30 events, ranging from major protest marches to a celebration of World Refugee Day to a fund raiser for a local education foundation.    In late June we passed the milestone of 1,000,000 image views on this website since 1 February.

Jack Owicki, Founder


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