ProBonoPhoto was founded in 2017 by Jack Owicki and grew out of the Bay Area Women's Marches (San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose) on 21 January 2017. Jack managed the volunteer photographers and videographers for those marches.

After several of the volunteer photographers expressed interest in continuing to donate their services to good causes, Jack created ProBonoPhoto as a clearinghouse to match organizations engaged in community service, social justice or environmental advocacy with volunteer photographers and videographers.

These are our Core Principles

1. Purpose. PBP provides photography and videography to promote community service, social justice and environmental advocacy.

2. Affiliates. The photographers and videographers who affiliate with PBP do so on a volunteer basis so that they can obtain assignments through PBP and publish their work on the PBP website.

3. Prioritizing clients who are not well funded. It's a low priority for PBP to help clients who are well enough funded to afford to pay a professional photographer or videographer. This is partly because we choose not to take work away from professionals (who are generally having a hard enough time as it is), and partly because we want to increase the amount of coverage rather than save money for organizations that could have paid for the coverage anyway.

4. Truly pro bono. Neither PBP nor its affiliates ever charge clients for services, nor do they solicit donations from clients.

5. Ethics. Though they're volunteers, affiliates agree to adhere to professional standards of photojournalism while on PBP assignments. This includes abiding by the National Press Photographers Association's Code of Ethics: https://nppa.org/code-ethics.

6. Terms of use of photos and videos. Affiliates retain copyright to their work. Work uploaded to the PBP website is made available freely for non-commercial use, provided that the author is credited whenever it is used. (e.g.photo: Jane Smith, ProBonoPhoto)  This is CC-NC-BY 4.0 licensing, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

7. Availability of photos and videos to the public. Generally, the galleries on the PBP website are visible to the public; the contents can be downloaded and used by anyone, subject to the licensing described above. Occasional, but uncommon, exceptions are circumstances where issues of privacy arise and/or projects where a PBP client has requested images be reserved for their particular organizational marketing efforts, e.g. fundraising "events."


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