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For organizations with missions of community service, social justice, and/or environmental advocacy         

Pro Bono Photography is a clearinghouse that matches worthy organizations that need photographic/videographic services to volunteer photographers and videographers who wish to donate their time and expertise.

WHAT:  We provide services such as event photography, management of volunteer photography and videography at large events, publicity photos, head shots, and photo essays.

WHO:  Our typical client is a nonprofit organization with a mission of community service, social justice, or environmental advocacy.    

WHERE: We work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, but not outside it.

HOW:  We post photos and videos in our photo galleries. For newsworthy events, we strive to provide at least some images within the news cycle. 

HOW MUCH IT COSTS:  There is no charge for our services.

HOW OUR WORK MAY BE USED:  The photos and videos posted on this website may be downloaded and used freely for non-commercial purposes, provided that the author is cited whenever they are used.  (e.g.photo: Jane Smith, ProBonoPhoto)  This is a CC-NC-BY-4.0 license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/ 

TO LEARN MORE: For organizations seeking help or photographers wanting to volunteer, visit our CONTACT US page

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