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For organizations that support social justice and the environment

To find galleries of photos and videos on this website, click the "Browse" button at the top left and go to the proper year's folder.   Galleries inside the year's folder are sorted by date, most recent first. 

Sometimes, for large events that take place at multiple venues, galleries are grouped within a sub-folder.  Such sub-folders appear at the end of the regular galleries in each year's folder.

Pro Bono Photography is a clearinghouse that matches worthy organizations that need photo/videographic services to volunteer photographers and videographers  who wish to donate their time and expertise.

WHAT:  We provide services such as event photography, management of volunteer photography and videography at large events, publicity photos, head shots, and photo essays.

WHO:  Our typical client is a nonprofit organization with a mission of community service, progressive political action, or environmental advocacy.   We give preference to those that are not well enough funded  to have a budget for photography. 

WHERE: We work throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

HOW:  We typically post photos (JPEG files) and videos in an online gallery , either unlisted or accessible by the public.  For newsworthy events, we strive to provide at least some images within 24 hours. 

HOW MUCH IT COSTS:  There is no charge for our services.

Some samples of our work are shown in the slideshow on the right side of this page.   You can also click the "Browse" button to see full galleries.

Do you want to discuss whether your organization might receive our help? 

Are you a photographer or videographer who might want to become a Pro-Bono Photo affiliate? 

Contact Jack Owicki:

     - Email jack {at} ProBonoPhoto {dot} org  <obfuscation to foil spambots; replace the {at} by @ and the {dot} by . >

     - Phone 422-4056 in area code 650

Say Their Names, Mill Valley, CA

Say Their Names, Mill Valley, CA

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